Anonymous: "Have you already seen Elysium? I mean you like Matt Damon right?"

yeah i do like matt.

when it comes to “elysium”, yes i’ve already seen it. i didn’t enjoy watching it tho, i mean the whole concept was very interesting but the net result not so great. it was a bit boring tbh. i don’t blame matt tho, he did an outstanding job as always. jodie foster was okay too. it’s just not my favourite type of film, ya know. i don’t wanna discourage anyone tho cause ya know, each to your own.

Anonymous: "when will we get to see jude in the movies ? it's been so long /:"

i know right!

luckily there are two films with jude waiting in the queue to be screened - “dom hemingway” and “black sea”. the premiere of “dom hemingway” is predicted for 2014 though and “black sea” is still filmed so x